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High-street menswear brand TOPMAN have established themselves as an innovative advertiser with a content focused programme open to opportunities to innovate amongst incentive sites by providing an opportunity for them to act as a lifestyle publisher and rival comparatively larger retailers in campaign innovation.

TOPMAN’s aim was to run never-before-seen activity that demonstrated their desire to collaborate beyond traditional channel activity, the following were the objectives:

Strategy / Execution

Publisher innovation and Creation Pitch Day: TOPMAN had a £15,000 budget to incentivise publishers invited to a Publisher Innovation and Creation Pitch Day hosted at the Awin offices. The criteria for the pitch was to support the TOPMAN Christmas story with a unique campaign that would uphold an effective ROI. Incentive site Vouchercloud demonstrated unrivalled brand alignment with ideas that met TOPMAN’s strategic objectives.

Unique approach: Vouchercloud’s winning ‘What’s his style’ campaign involved storyboarding five male styles, each with its own unique landing page. They were individually labelled ‘The Hipster’, ‘Mr Low Maintenance’, ‘The Modern Gent’, ‘Mr Luxury’, and ‘The Trend Hunter’, with individual products to suit each look. Vouchercloud linked each piece of exposure directly to these landing pages, starting with a three-week competition to build brand traction and gain customer data. Vouchercloud sent a targeted solus email to all 14k competition entrants to launch the exclusive 20 per cent off code and sent a second email during the last four days of the campaign to those who had not yet purchased.

Multichannel marketing campaign: Product specific emails were sent, complete with custom shot TOPMAN imagery, leading the way for the Email team to send out bespoke emails to those showing an interest in the TOPMAN brand. Shared customer data from Vouchercloud was utilised by the TOPMAN PPC team who improved keywords, ad copy and upweighted CPCs through a Customer Match tool.

Paid Social tools: Aware of new targeting capabilities and advertising opportunities, Vouchercloud incorporated a Facebook canvas ad and messenger bot into this campaign, promoting the exclusive 20 per cent off code with a Facebook takeover. Vouchercloud’s Business Intelligence team optimised mobile conversion to ensure Facebook adverts, which included bespoke campaign imagery, capitalised on buying behaviour by gender as well as the increase in mobile sales driven by females in the last 12 months based on Vouchercloud’s 64 per cent female user base and TOPMAN’s 66 per cent female user base. Bots were tested as a tool to target new TOPMAN customers.


Develop the partnership with one discount publisher through an innovative Christmas 2016 campaign, increasing revenue and sales by 25 per cent YoY and maintain their target ROI:

  • Partnership with incentive site, Vouchercloud saw revenue increase by 242 per cent YoY and sales increase by 147 per cent YoY. The average ROI during the campaign period was 25 per cent above the programme target ROI and the first targeted solus resulted in 6,471 total clicks.

Establish TOPMAN as the desired menswear brand throughout peak and increase market share:

  • TOPMAN market share increased 35 per cent to 76 per cent.

Target the non-traditional TOPMAN customer and increase new customer acquisition by 5 per cent:

  • New customer rate increased by 10 per cent to 83 per cent with female traffic increasing from 60 per cent to 66 per cent.

Identify and test new targeting capabilities using paid social tools to demonstrate incremental user engagement:

  • Vouchercloud Facebook canvas ads attained a reach of 353.6k, driving 2.9k in traffic.
  • Paid social campaigns resulted in 800k impressions and 18k interactions.

Increase conversion rates by 5 per cent through developing affiliate partnership into a multi-channel marketing campaign by collaborating with search and email teams:

  • The conversion rate increased from 4.21 per cent to 12.65 per cent as a result of this campaign with 11,000 bespoke welcome emails sent from TOPMAN email team totalling a 35.53 per cent open rate.

This performance lead to additional collaborations for Black Friday, with Vouchercloud performing strongest on the programme during November with revenue up 183 per cent YoY.