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The Hoxton



The Challenge

The Hoxton is a series of open house hotels inspired by the diversity and originality of the streets and scenes that surround them. Find them in London, across Europe and the US.

Ever since The Hoxton opened its first hotel in Shoreditch, way back in 2006, it’s never just been about offering a bed for the night. They aim to be more than that – providing a place where guests can hangout alongside the locals and submerse themselves in the neighbourhood with vibrant, welcoming public spaces.

With a loyal customer base, The Hoxton sought new ways to attract new customers and advocates – as they expanded into new markets. They looked for a referral solution and turned to Mention Me due to their flexible platform that could be tailored to the brand, combined with their unique ”name share” functionality. This enables friends to share in real conversations; the ultimate frictionless experience.

The programme launched in 2017 for three locations and has since grown to cover six locations in two languages.

The Strategy

The team at the Hoxton wanted to be able to segment their referral campaigns by hotel location as well as by language. The Mention Me platform enabled them to do this so they can tailor the message and track performance easily for each segment.

This also means that they can offer alternative share methods if they find that different markets perform differently. Currently WhatsApp is proving more successful for driving customer acquisition for the UK campaign than the French campaign.

The Results

The Hoxton programme is delivering some strong results which have seen significant growth year on year. Some key points include:

• Strong conversion rate – 24 per cent of friends introduced go on to become a Hoxton customer.
• Driving long term value – new customers go on to repeat purchase. 18 per cent of revenue from referred customers is from their 2nd or subsequent purchase.
• Sharing by name – with no code to remember this share method makes referral frictionless. It drives between 16-23 per cent of referral orders.